Thursday, April 9, 2009

For the Welcome Back Suckouts...

...we play at Full Tilt Poker
aaaaah this felt nice
(good thing you smooth called the flop and checked the turn, sir. wpnh)

Link to Bodog bet against the Lakers promo
Ship the $50 action on Celtics to win $175 with refund if Lakers win- anyone want a piece?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Degree All In Moment

5 1/2 hours into Stars $70k rebuy donkament
14th / 43 left, 1st = $12k, 43rd = $132, anything below final 2 tables = crapola $s

Table LAGtard raises for 9,433rd time in last 2 orbits, so ship my first all-in to go to showdown...
Somehow I think cosmic justice was probably served here
Click here to witness as Jay grows tired of LAGtard stealing his thunder and goes wacko

Save us Tony G...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I try to get out, but they keep sucking me back in....

All those NittyMcNitNovaEliteGrinderProLifeVampires slowly draining the soul and bankroll out of me at Stars can go suck it, I'm on Stars cash game sabbatical for a while.
FTP's $600 bonus bribe worked - fired $600 on today using eChecks so I'm back on Tilt for a bit.

Good times at Mohegan yesterday The life of a VideoPoker semi-pro is a good one.

Pat, not trying to torture you here, but maybe you can borrow a quiet FTP account for a while or fire up one in your Mom's to play in these miniFTOPs? I can also see you & I getting addicted to accruing Academy points.

1) Have any of you guys signed up to do any of these Academy challenges? Looks like their ridiculous, but basically a freeroll right?

2) Per FTPDoug on 2+2, FTP points can be used to buy some weekly donkaments & ALL miniFTOPS events 5/7-5/17

I'm going to be splashing in lots o' these - anyone who wants to do some chops email me.

$750K Guarantee ($216, Sundays at 18:00)
The Double Deuce ($22, Sundays at 16:22) - 4,400 pts
The Daily Dollars ($1 rebuy every day at 15:15, $1 freezeout every day at 20:15) - ship the donkey shoves for 200 pts

3) I'll probably be qualifying & playing in the freerolls to win a WSOP ME seat.
Since I've failed to grab us a Palms Suite at 2010 via NovaElite, you guys are all freerolling for a piece of me when I win one