Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"If Hyper-Turbos are the crack of online poker & live NL cash = paint dry, then FullTilt's Rushpoker is mainlining pure essence o' Redbull with a Wagner paint gun."
- Not-so-Anonymous Live Donkey Rationalizationaments, Jan 2010

PLO CrystalMeth edition just arrived on FTP, so far just $0.10-$0.25.

Looks like Stars won't be offering anything like this soon, I hope they change their minds about this. Might have made the Elite run closer to doable.

So if anyone is wondering why I typically look like someone ready to poke out his own eyeballs when I play live, maybe stats from my online sesh today will help:
- 4 tables of TAG Rush PLO play for just over an hour (VPIP = 20%)
- 1,002 hands, raised pre-flop a moderate 113 times
- Not a lot of play / action / decisions, only got to see 182 flops in the hour
- Ran below expectation and only got AAxx 22 times.

So yeah, I ran 10-15% below expectation for an hour, got Aces 22 times (which are kinda fun to play), and went to showdown 40 times.

Not that it would take much longer playing live NL, you can expect to see Aces 22 times almost every time you put in a modest 7 1/2-day straight session without sleep! So there's that.

Another fun way to look at the Live NL Play ThrillOMeter: if I play CrackamentRushPLO for 10 hours today, I'll see an average of 250 hands with Aces. If you play live holdem 40 hours/week for a year, you have nearly a coin flip shot at seeing that many AA preflop by the end of 2010, so that's pretty exciting too. Wheeeee!!!!!

Executive Summary:
I might like Rush poker more than live cash games.