Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marathon Session trip report

Well it turns out I'm not the only one reading the occasional short bust of blog production, so here's a blow-by-blow of a grind it out session from tonight...

As midnight rolls around, I've fired up ESPN, surfed 2+2, and lined up the remote-beverage-snack combo, and start thinking I'd better oh I don't know, play some poker today

Sit right in with $100 at only open seat on $2-$4 Bodog PLO table & post in cutoff. (Yup, I know, Sloppo = short stack weenie buyin boy. I usually top off after a lap or two, I'm not really that soft.)

Kd Jc 9c 6d, five limpers to me (yup, 5 of em), I check, button & SB calls, all is right with the world.
Big Blind ruins the party by bumping it up $12 - callcallcallcallcall, I mutter jackass but I call so just 7 or 8 of us nits see the flop
Satan's lives! 6 6 6
Guy to my right insta-fires for $40, and despite being uneasy about my dream Number of the Beast flop, I decide I shouldn't to make the big (but questionable) laydown with my quads and I call. The oh-so-generous BB not only overcalls the flop but sweet sassy molassy even my tank-then-not-shove-the-river bet of $36 too (yup, I did the uber-ridiculous AdamLambertesque "oh I'm so weak, see look I'm leaving $10 behind because I'm afraid you have quads and I don't" tank-bet drama, but hey, it worked).

As the BB starts blinking and I start bouncing up & down chanting rhythmically "call call call" I notice that the turn & river of 2c & 3c actually made a straight flush possible. But no, this is not a trip report of the most Evil slowroll in history, so ship the strong call with QQ to the BB & the 3-hundo pot to me.

I immediately wonder if it's gonna get any damn better than that for a session, as in ever. Seriously, who am I to ruin a win rate of over $10k or maybe $100k+ per hour? Poker gods/demons threw me a bone here and all. So I insta-sit out with a nice little $200-something uptick after 90 seconds of work (yeah, it's a grind), spark up another drink & ESPN360.com to watch live streaming of Barry Greenstein playing the $10k PLO event for a couple of hours. (OK, I did collect my free Sklansky bucks and play around to my Big Blind. But hey, I'm a serious, disciplined and dedicated professional, here.)

I've had worse days as a pro than this I think.

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  1. "I usually top off after a lap or two, I'm not really that soft."

    You're not?