Sunday, June 21, 2009

poker karma awol

A couple o' good beats:
- trusty iPhone has now survived its trips to the toilet and the bottom of my water glass A-OK
- up to 451 miles as of 1st day of summer
- just finished 2nd in PLO donkament for just under $1k

Here's where poker karma gods screwed the pooch, with chip leader in this hand being A #1 Tool
Pretty surprised to see my pair o' 2's was good on turn here...

donkament winner then typed "LOLOLOLOL you fell into that like the cheap hooker you are with your skirt all hiked up"
ah where was the karma?
pretty psyched about the score tho, since Father's Day will now be a guilt-free day of noooooooooo poker

1 comment:

  1. Wow donkament winner is really funny...
    I can't believe he typed that after taking down a tourney as almost a 2-1 dog in the biggest pot of the tourney.

    Big show of bravado when hiding behind the PC in mommies basement