Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hit supernova today

feel the excitement.

First, the grim stats update:

A sick bone-crushing the 1st week of February brought my YTD results to below $0. Yup, that does includes the FPPs. Ship the losing Pro.
YTD total = -$313
FPPs = 102k (91% of SNE pace)
Miles = 110

The possible glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel:

I reached the end of my rope Sunday playing & running like complete crap ($3k from bad/losing play, $3.5k more from all-ins below expectation, obv I did something evil to P.O. the poker gods). So I decided I needed to force myself to kick the testosterone up 3 notches and play SloppyAngry or not at all. I even watched a few Cardrunners videos to help psych myself up for a) no more short-stack weenieness, b) no more wimpy-wimpy-open-limpy, c) WAY more 3-jacking in position

I guess I succeeded in ramping up the aggro...
Stats in PLO 6-max for 1/1-2/7: VPIP 22.2%, PFR = 3.0%, Agg factors 0.14/5.6/5.3/7.4
2/8-2/10: VPIP 18.4%, PFR = 10.0%, Agg = 1.1/8.1/6.5/5.7

I can't say the transition to opening up the aggression pre-flop's and FIRE FIRE FIRING relentlessly with c-bets in position has gone 100% smoothly. I absolutely positively SPEWED chips most of Sunday, Monday, and this morning.

But it has started to feel like maybe my brain has opened up a few cracks occasionally to let some light in. Like tonight as my robot hand was auto-reaching to rapid-click the pot button when checked to, I had radical 6-th level thoughts come to me like "hey, I could actually check behind sometimes in a 4-way raised pot with 7654 when it flops AKQ, can't I?")
I kid you not, I'm actually UP $200 (in Sklansky AND real money $s) over my last 4,000 hands

Cute little illusion: This game rebuild is like Tiger rebuilding his swing after winning 10 majors to take it to the next level.
Reality: I'm more like the guy on The Biggest Loser who gets winded pumping his fist wilidly because he just dropped a monster 20 lbs to weigh in at 480.

But you gotta walk before you run, and I think full-stack with aggro at least has some chance at getting me closer to at least break-even poker with this many tables. I also ramped down the # of tables from 15-18 to 10-14. This feels like it boosts my chances of playing a bit better. I'm falling behind SNE pace, but for now I'd rather focus on not bleeding my roll to death, I can add tables later if I get back to not losing 99/100 sessions.

Actually I think maybe I have the formula for max tables I can manage without DeathMonkeySpew... 4 x # of coffees downed in last 2 hours.

Amy back from Vegas any minute. My quick summary of her trip...
She & my sister where strong Coupon-Nits-in-training for +$80, supplemented by complete uber-nitty food bankroll management including, wait for it, a 2 for 1 buffet at the IP. Oh amylouwho, even a coupon nit has to set limits, so sad. She went 0 for 4 in donkaments with 1 bubble & 1 other final table out of money, but +$800 on cash games. Nice to see 1 Coskie doesn't suck.

Check out this email she sent me...
"If only I were playing at the Orleans..
Got all my money in with middle set against overpair and top set-I lose. Turn quads- I win! River makes bigger quads- I lose. Would have been 80k bad beat jackpot at the Orleans. :-("

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