Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some good news (this is irony-free, I promise)

Well I guess there are more of you reading than who show up as official registered blog followers, so I'm going to keep up the self-therapy via the bloggydoo for a bit longer anyway.

I do hereby self-decree that whiny graphs & bad beat stories are verboten for a while, so from now on nothing but 100% pure think-HappyThoughts-post-HappyThoughts all day every day. (Which means if you see no updates for a while it's probably not because I'm crushing Ivey at the Thunderdome table.)

On to the good news.
Not sure if any of you saw this alert from the PPA a few days ago..

"Recently, State Representatives Brian P. Wallace, Martin J. Walsh proposed HR 3954, a bill that seeks to expand casino gambling in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This bill also includes a proposition that would make it a crime for you to play poker on the Internet (See: Section 18(j)(lines 1446-1453) Under this provision, online poker players will be subject to a maximum term of 2 years in the house of correction, a fine of $25,000, or both. Ironically, HR 3954 is pro-casino gambling legislation, yet it makes Internet gaming a crime. This is an unacceptable double-standard!"

I called both Reps offices and had a good time ranting, not-too-artfully hammering out the phrases "stay-at-home Dad" and "hypocritical" at least 3 or 4 times each. No surprise probably, but I enjoy the occasional wallowing around in and spewing self-righteous indignation.

Anyway, now the cool part... after being pounded with calls & emails, Rep. Wallace's office sent out this email yesterday:
"The section was inadvertantly added to the bill. I am going to move to strike the entire section about internet poker. Sorry for the confusion
Brian Wallace"

Rep who responds in a pro-gambool way to phone beatings >>> Rep who can spell "inadvertent".
So now we can officially root conflict-free for the MA Casino gaming bill (you know, the one that Harper assures us will bring oodles of VPIP 80% tables, scantily-clad women bringing us Red Bull and free snacks, and the repeal of the UIGEA)

A good day. :)
I even cracked triple digit miles today, ship the 100 mile tally

YTD results before tonight's massive uptick:
Net Total with FPP value added = +$116 (hey, it starts with a "+", so it could be worse)
VPPs 91k (92% of pace)

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