Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beat, Brag, or Variance?

Is this a good fold here?

Yes, this is a trick question.
See if you can figure it out before hints...

Hint #1: I nominate this particular fold as a potential new Champion Laydown which may supplant the one Harp & I witnessed on the Mohegan Tek tables.

Summary of that Epic Fold was something along these lines:
4 people left in SNG, top 3 pay. Perhaps brain-damaged or possibly just very kind-hearted & generous woman with short stack of say T1,050 (avg = ~5k) antes & posts BB, but when the SB raises her an additional, wait for it, T50, she folds. Yes, she put in 95%+ of her stack in the BB then folded on the bubble.

My fold, um, probably worse on a few levels.

Hint #2:
Would it be a good fold if someone walked by and dropped a bag of money filled with 1,100 $1 bills onto the table to go to the winner before the hand started? Because if it would still be a good fold when getting implied odds of >1,100-1 for that oh-so-precious dollar I decided not to invest, then yeah, it was a good fold.

Hint #3:
Hand number might have ended in 000,000.

Yup, I folded for $1 UTG in a milestone hand. Oooooooh how it burnses.
SuperNovas get $550 if they lose a milestone hand, $1,650 if they win it.
But only if they aren't mega-tabling and FREAKING NOTICE THE CHAT BOX.

So yes, winning $550 was definitely way cool.
I will say I didn't reaaaaallllly enjoy it as much as I would have if I hadn't folded. The railbird chat was not kind.

Now accepting nominees for name of folds for a buck getting over 1,000-1 odds (The MilliSlop?)

I may feel a twinge when I wake up tomorrow and remember I clicked the Fold button.
On the other hand, ship the LuckBox activation maybe? Please?

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  1. Ouch. Well, one of the pitfalls of multi-tabling I guess. I hope the hand didn't ebgin with "25".