Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stars 25B promo - robofoldo Sat anyone?

Stars page

- 25% reload bonus up to $250, clearing requirement = 20 VPPs / $1 bonus, 6 months to clear
- $s given away every 1M hands starting tonight (until Sat)
- $250,000 giveaway to 1 table for hand # 25,000,000,000

Anyone interested in doing the robofold thing again? Prize would be bigger than 10B promo - $250k chopped 6 ways if we hit.

No real clue on our chances, but if I had to SWAG it I'd say odds of hitting would be somewhere from 200-1 to 2,000-1. I'll try to better estimate our chances if it looks like we might be able to get 6 people together again.

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