Saturday, January 3, 2009

2nd thoughts

Get it? Jan 2nd? This is what 4am with no carbs does for the Humor factory. Except now it's the 3rd, so now we have both wrong & not funny.

Overkill maybe?
Click me, I'm one wacky hand!

(Oh right, for those of you who have jobs and can't see this because it's on a gambling-related website... sucks to be you. Really. Sweat pants >>> income IMO)

Miles = 7
VPPs = 6,840 (under 994,000 more, I can taste the Elite goodness)

I've decided to include the value of FPPs earned to make myself feel better by padding my stats. I'd still have made more money staying in bed for 2 days with a YTD net of -$159. How does a Pro make up for a negative win rate per hand you ask? Volume, baby, volume.

Jay's random Life Tip #1:
Try not to drop and then drive over your iPhone headphones-microphone. I've found it reduces sound quality. Really, it does.

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