Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some numbers

Stars Day 3 1/2
10,478 VPPs
+$240 Net (-$347 from play +$587 FPP value)

I'm just going to lump all the non-Stars poker crapola into one lump sum (all the live play, occasional FTP bonuses, Cake freerolls, Absolute pathetically bribing me to come back by randomly sticking $40 into my account, etc.). Plan is to only track and look at that junk monthly.

I can tell already this SNE grind is going to be semi-sweet sick self-inflicted pain. If I'm going to be alive March 1st, I think I'll need to bag the Pokerz when we hit Aruba Feb 19th for a week. So my goal until then is to not lose my whole $5k Stars roll while cranking out 3k VPPs/day until then. If I make that, I'll have 150k when we get back 2/26 (on pace will be 156k).

As for the $s, If I make it to 150k with a busto $0 balance but making no more deposits I'll be up about $4k (from earning $9k worth of FPPs - $5k of bustoness). Definitely meh at best, but the big $s come from 500k-1M anyway. At least that's the rationalization I pretty much need to keep playing almost but not quite breakeven poker without poking my eyeballs with a stick.

I'm not updating Mr. Blog again until I actually win once.

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  1. those are sick numbers at tables. someone will REALLY be looking forward to their vaca this February...