Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here comes the sum

What makes me more of a degenerate fringe member of society?
a) Seeing the scary glimmer of sunrise as I'm off to bed 3 nights this week
b) Cackling alone and making oh-so-white-boy ghetto finger gestures at the monitor at 4 am because of this...
How you like me now beeyotch? -> spell-checked suggested I change that to bewitched, but I won't
c) Noticing that right now within my line of sight in my "office" I have no less than 3 casino dice, 1 lit up dice lamp, a geeky poker hat piles o' poker books, a deck or two of cards, a coffee mug with 50 $1 casino chips?

Ship the uptick, freaking finally

In the twilight between Day 6/7:
Miles = 16
16,600 VPPs
+$896 Net (-$39 from play +$935 FPP value)

Oh and bye-bye Full Tilt, cleared the $500 Year-End bonus. Being done with IronMan for anywhere from 1 month to forever feels like running naked down a hill in Vermont to jump in a pond at 40 degrees. Which is fun, ask Amy (or Josh).

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