Saturday, January 31, 2009

January rules!

Finally, a couple of hand to turn things around last night and today :)

Sweet slowplay of quads

One mo' time

Well, OK that's just 2 hands in a vacuum. I'm actually playing like God and running even better over the last week...

So who wants to go pro with me? Non-stop fun!

Oh, and you know you're running good when your rakeback provider figures out they overpaid you & fixes your balance to make it -$162.

Awe-inspiring totals for the month:

Non-stars (liveaments, FTP, misc junk) = +$348
Stars = +$1,100 (-$3,700 cash + $4,800 FPP value)
But VPPs are on pace at 87k, so I'm a pro who dominates obviously.

Assuming I actually manage to run at $0 all-in luck going forward while playing the same crap not-quite-breakeven game I played for 1 month, here's what my year would look like:

Cash "Win" = -$26k (-$4k Jan -$2k x 11 months)
FPP bonus value = $56k
Milestone bonuses extra value = $23k
Elite Packages = $10k cash + Main event package (entry + $2k cash + hotel) + WCOOP ticket

Projected 2009 = $63k cash + $10k WSOP ME seat + $5k online donkament seat

Oh the glamor and glory of the rakeback pro. This is as sexy as being Snout Man at the Sara Lee bologna assembly line.

But I'm still pretty damn psyched for it. Sweatpants >> income, and bizarrely I'm starting to look forward to playing tomorrow after thinking I'd vomit if I saw another hand an hour ago.

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